Community Workshops

abby presenting lectureAbby is able to create an intimate environment in groups, large or small. She is able to engage all participants in a meaningful way in order to prompt critical thinking about intimacy and sexuality within marriage. These workshops leave participants with hands on tools to ‘use at home’ both in the emotional and physical realms of intimacy.

Here are some examples of workshops that Abby is prepared to give to your community:

Love Your Body, Love Yourself: An exploration of Female Sensuality
This workshop covers ideas related to the female body, the sexual response cycle, understanding the orgasm and learning to accept your own body.

Body Image and How It Affects Our Intimate Lives
In this workshop we focus on media messages, halachic outlooks and pop culture ideas surrounding the human body, and how they affect our relationship with our own bodies, on its own and as it relates to sexuality.

Working on Your Intimate Life While Raising Children
The workshop will cover ideas related to:

  • Diverse modalities of communication with spouse
  • Value of Verbalization
  • Creating a sense of significance in the relationship
  • Developing a healthy space in the home for parents to discuss Intimacy
  • Practical Tips for deepening the physical connection

Basics of Sexual Function and Dysfunction
In this workshop we deal with anatomy and physiology of both men and women, the sexual response cycle, the desire continuum.

‘Let’s Talk About it’: Creating Tools to Communicate and Develop Your Intimate Life
You may think talking to your spouse is simple. But as the years go by and the stresses in and out of the bedroom build, that becomes more of a challenge. Here we talk openly of the challenges couples face and how to address them head on.

The Evolving Sex Life: Intimacy Throughout the Life Cycle
This workshop focuses on challenges couples face during different ages and stages of their marriages, understanding the issues and addressing practical solutions to deal with those realities.

Contributing to a Conscious Marriage
Making the most of your marriage, emotionally and physically, presented from the bio-psycho-social model.

HIS SPACE/ HER SPACE: Creating Healthy Shared Space in a Marriage
In this workshop, we learn about healthy boundaries within relationships. We also work on diverse communication models in order to create the environment you are looking for in your home.

The Effects of Viewing Pornography on YOUR Marriage
A close up look at the effects pornography can have on your marriage.

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