Individual Therapy

With Abby’s background and expertise in the area of sexuality, she is well equipped to deal with potential struggles a single person may have surrounding sexuality and/or intimacy. Abby approaches each personal case with both a behavioral and psychological approach. 

Individuals struggling with gender identity or sexual orientation will find a listening ear and insightful mind as they navigate the path to discovering their true self.

Often times people find themselves unable to engage to meaningful physical touch due to past trauma. In a safe and warm environment, Abby will walk hand in hand as a patient finds ways to experience safe touch again.

Individuals who are in a relationship, but would like to explore their individual experience within the relationship as well as outside of it find value in individual therapy sessions for personal growth or as part of later work in a couples session.

If you are divorced or thinking about divorce, we can take some time to understand yourself and who you are in the context of your marriage as well as an individual.

Three introductory sessions allow Abby to understand a patient’s background and the issue they are seeking treatment for. Then we work together to build goals for the therapy.

When a person has a true understanding of themselves, they can live authentically, without feeling held back or misunderstood. Here, as in each process, the work begins with you.

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