About Abby Weisz

Abby Weisz, LCSW, M. Ed

Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychotherapist, Sex Educator and Intimacy Counselor

Hi! I’m Abby and I am so happy to meet you here.  There are many services offered on our website, and we hope there is something that everyone- spanning the gender spectrum, age range, observance level and nationality, can gain from. If you are in a relationship, looking to build one or trying to understand your own self in this world, you have come to the right place. Through individual therapy, couples work, lectures or workshops, your questions can be answered and ideas fielded. Let me introduce myself and the services you will find here.

I am 35 years old and was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida. I pursued undergraduate and graduate degrees in New York, where I met and fell in love with my partner in all things in this world, Tuly.

We gratefully served as Rabbi and Rebbetzin in Columbus, Ohio. From there we journeyed to the Holy Land where we have been cultivating our family and home for the past five years, BH.

My passion for this field began somewhere between learning with kallot, new brides, and training as a therapist. In the early years, I ran group programs for teens surrounding healthy body image and learning to love yourself. Over the years I noticed a tremendous gap in the expectations pop culture encouraged in physical relationships, to what actually went on between two people in a relationship. With this par in mind, I attempted to start breaching the gap with information and education regarding healthy sexuality and intimacy in the Orthodox world and beyond. No one is safe from negative messages about their body or their sexuality… We are all exposed to messages playing off our self doubt and body insecurities. How does the individual or the couple for that matter, bolster themselves against this constant barrage of negative messages?

What I quickly learned was that newlyweds, as well as partners in a relationship for many years, could do with a safe place to talk about challenges they are facing in the bedroom. Issues ranging from basic technique to in depth re-learning touch came to the surface. No topic is off limits and clients find a place where they can finally address taboo subjects in a non judgemental environment.

Our workshops and lectures are based on basic tenets such as mutual pleasure and mutual giving, safety within the relationship, and respect for one another. These values are embedded in the material presented and perpetuated as themes throughout the workshops and lectures utilizing Jewish teachings and modern techniques.

I also feel blessed to work closely with Rabbanim both in Israel and in the US, as well as Yoatzot Halachah, who have a deep understanding in the areas of Halacha surrounding Intimacy and Sexuality.

Please explore the site, and I welcome any feedback you may have.


Michlalah Jerusalem College, Israel

Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, New York

Azrieli Graduate School of Education and Administration, New York

Fordham Graduate School of Social Service, New York

Certification Program at Family Institute, Neve Yerushalayim, Israel

Bar Ilan Sex Therapy Training Program, Israel