Secrets: Judaism’s Whole and Holy Approach to Intimacy

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This page contains all of the course material: 6 video classes, plus source sheets.

From Abby Weisz, MA, LCSW – PLEASE READ before you begin:
1) The content of this video series is of an intense and intimate nature. Please be advised.
2) While I cite numerous halachic and traditional Jewish sources, in no way do I intend to imply that the approaches taken in this course are the only correct ones, nor am I offering halachic instruction or guidance. This is a therapeutic approach designed to enhance your intimate relationship. Please contact if further explanation is needed.
3) I teach a number of Torah sources during the course, including sections of Gemara. The source sheet for Class 3 (which appears below the videos) is intended to help you follow along, or to learn the sources yourselves, if you prefer.

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